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Kid working on gross motor skills while Playing with Bubbles

Compassionate play-based therapy for children of all ages

Physiotherapy For Kids

Our Mission

At Tree's Physiotherapy, we are committed to really understanding each child holistically and focusing on what their abilities and dreams are. We look beyond limitations to a child's greatest potential and meet each family where they are at on their journey.  We  provide high quality, targeted therapy to your child in our purpose-designed clinic, park or within the comfort of your own home.

Children learn skills best when they are engaged and having fun, so therapy is embedded in play and imagination. Our physiotherapy is evidence-based, using the latest scientific research to guide assessment and treatment. 

We can assist with a wide range of conditions in childhood, including; babies with developmental delay, children with disabilities, chronic conditions and pain or children with poor balance and co-oordination.

Child with disability and gross motor delay participating in paediatric physiotherapy over a therapy bolster with a trained paediatric physiotherapist

Who We Can Help

Physiotherapy can be useful in a variety of paediatric conditions, including:


Child with a disability sitting in a suportive posture chair to engage in fun fine motor activities and games during physiotherapy session with a paediatric physiotherapist
  • Chronic paediatric conditions including Cerebral Palsy, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, Spina Bifida, Down Syndrome.

  • Children who have sustained a traumatic or acquired brain injury

  • Assistance with equipment prescription and funding for children with chronic conditions

  • Treatment may involve gait re-education, strengthening, management of spasticity, muscle lengthening, pain relief, balance, postural management program, co-ordination, endurance, use of therapeutic aids such as orthotics, wearable technology, taping, etc.

Developmental conditions

Physiotherapy for a baby with plagiocephaly and gross motor delay
  • Babies with delayed gross and fine motor development

  • Babies at risk of developmental delay (ie. prematurity, surgical or medical interventions)

  • Developmental Co-ordination Deficit (poor balance and co-ordination)

  • Children with low muscle tone affecting their movement skills or function (ie. keeping up with friends or participation in sport)

  • Poor posture, balance or core stability

Orthopaedic/ Musculoskeletal

Experienced phsyiotherapist correcting body posture and assessing for scoliosis for a child
  • Babies with plagiocephaly (flattened area on the back of the skull)

  • Babies born with postural foot problems (ie. feet that are turned in or out)

  • Children who walk on their toes or other gait abnormalities such as knock-knees/ pigeon toeing

  • Scoliosis and back pain

  • Rehabilitation following injuries, surgery or fracture

Service Delivery Options

Chid with cerebral palsy strengthening his arms in weight bearing with a physiotherapist in his therapy session for treatment of spasticity and weakness through arms and shoulders and neck strengthening

Home Visits

Parental Support Services

In-depth and transformative parenting support to allow you to access your full parenting potential

Motherhood Circles

Holding Hands

Join in our motherhood circles for mums parenting a child with a disability or medical condition. Share your struggles and wins in a non-judgemental space with other women who truly understand what you're going through. You'll be guided through meditation, movement, journaling and breath practices alongside authentic connection.

Counselling and Nervous System Regulation

woman practising relaxing and engaging in meditation practise

During our time together, we will spend time working through feelings of grief, loss, anger, hopelessness and overwhelm that often come with having a child with a disability or medical diagnosis. 

We will go through specific tools to help you regulate your nervous system to be able to regain a sense of control, safety and peace in your life. We will also teach you how to co-regulate with your child and tap into the wealth of non-verbal communication that is available to you.

3 month Parenting Transformation Journey

mum feeling close to her son while supported in her journey as a mum of a child with special needs

For Parents who are: 

  • Overwhelmed with the emotional rollercoaster and the practical and emotional demands on you.

  • Feeling like you have to give up your dreams and ambitions to care for your child.

  • Wanting to give your child the best supports so are constantly racing around to therapies or staying up late researching the latest treatment options with seemingly little progress or guilt at not being able to do it all.

  • Craving a deeper understanding of your child’s feelings and desires.

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