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Service Delivery Options

Choose the style of therapy that will suit your family

In Clinic

We have opened a beautiful clinic space in Ipswich that allows you to come to us for appointments. We have all the equipment you need, including a rock climbing wall, swings, treadmills and vibration machine. Siblings and family are always welcome to therapy appointments.


Aquatic Therapy

Participate in therapy at a local pool where your therapist will carry out your therapy in the water! Water is a wonderful therapeutic environment for children and can assist with improved mobility and movement skills. Water provides 300 times the sensory input to the skin than air so it can be hugely beneficial for kids to move their body while getting lots of additional sensory feedback.

We also provide aquatic swim lessons for children who aren't able to participate in ordinary swim lessons due to their disability or sensory/auditory processing difficulties. 

Portrait of a child with cerebral palsy on physiotherapy in a children therapy center. Boy

Home Visits

Some children learn best in their natural environment where they feel comfortable and safe. Enjoy the convenience of your physio coming to you. We will bring all the equipment needed to make therapy engaging and fun and we will often use furniture and toys you have on hand to ensure you can carry out the activities when we're not around. We service Ipswich and Brisbane suburbs within 30 minutes drive. Please note, there is a travel fee with this service. Contact to find out if we travel to your area.

Nursery School

School or Daycare

Therapy can be delivered at your school, kindy or daycare setting. Your physio can visit to assist teachers with incorporating therapy into the school day, improving participation, posture and positioning for function or adapting a physical education class.

Child Rock Climbing

Park or Outdoor Therapy

Therapy in a natural setting allows your child to work on their goals related to play and participation. Whether it be decreasing falls on uneven surfaces, learning to independently go down a slippery slide or climb up a playground. We can visit any environment that relates to your child's goals and have rock climbing, kayaking, bush walking and other adventure activities.

IMG-4433 (1).jpg

Intensive Therapy

Intensive therapy is a block of physio ranging from 2-3 weeks in duration and involves higher frequency and longer duration sessions compared to weekly sessions. The blocks are goal-
oriented and aim to maximise skill acquisition and consolidate learning.

In short, it is a lot of physio in a short amount of time!

Paraplegic Sporting Event

Equipment Prescription

Personalised equipment prescription  involves a physical and functional assessment along with trials of appropriate equipment options. Your therapist will then complete a funding application and send this off to the relevant funding body for approval. Once approved, you will have an appointment to arrange fitting of your new equipment.

Little girl sitting on the floor with golden retriever dog and smiling during online yoga


We offer telehealth appointments for those who are out of our catchment or who would prefer not to have face-to-face sessions due to their immuno-compromised status. It also allows us to carry out sessions if you are on an extended holiday or in hospital. You will need a stable internet connection with video capabilities. Online therapy takes a coaching model where the parent has a lead role in facilitating movement patterns. With a lot of therapy moving to telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is ample research coming out to support the benefits of this model of therapy.


Group Programs

We have a schedule of group programs available to suit your infant or child's movement and participation needs. Our groups are inclusive and open to typically developing children and children with additional needs. Our therapists are well trained in adapting activities to suit your child's level. Check out our timetable to see what we have on currently or reach out if you have a group idea that you'd love to see us offer!

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