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Intensive Therapy

Amazing results, in a short amount of time

What is intensive therapy?

Intensive therapy is a block of physio ranging from 2-3 weeks in duration and involves higher frequency and longer duration sessions compared to weekly sessions. The blocks are goal-oriented and aim to maximise skill acquisition and consolidate learning. In short, it is a lot of physio in a short amount of time!

How does intensive therapy work?

Intensive therapy allows for motor learning principles to be closely followed by providing optimal dosage of intervention. High repetitions consolidated over a short period of time targets “neuroplasticity”. This is where neural pathways in the brain are reorganised through various repetitive experiences and can lead to long lasting functional changes.

Does intensive therapy work?

In recent years there has been more and more evidence coming out showing how intensive therapy models can help children with Cerebral Palsy or Global Developmental Delay. Several studies have demonstrated significant differences in Gross Motor Function scores, participating in self-care activities, and functional independence following a period of intensive goal-directed physio.

What does an intensive block involve?

An intensive block is designed specifically around your child’s current presentation and goals. We work collaboratively with families to develop goals for the block and then design a treatment plan to optimise advancement towards the goals.

On day one, your child will be assessed, and videos will be taken to help form the treatment plan. From there, the focus shifts towards intervention, which may involve:

  • Focus on achieving goals such as improved strength, endurance, balance, or posture

  • Achieving developmental milestones such as learning to sit, crawl, or walk

  • Monkey bars

  • Treadmill walking

  • Trampoline

  • Pilates reformer

  • Combining intensive therapy with theratogs 

  • Functional Electrical stimulation

  • Taping

  • Aquatic therapy

  • Outdoors walking, kayaking, rock climbing or sports related to your child's goals

What will happen after my child's intensive block?

Following your child’s intensive block, you will be provided with a detailed report outlining the goals for the block, initial assessment findings, examples of the interventions, and the final assessment findings which may demonstrate improvements in your child’s goals.

In addition, you will be provided with a home exercise program based on the interventions that worked best for your child. Our therapists will teach you how to help your child with the exercises at home to consolidate improvements and keep the momentum going.

Discover how intensive therapy can help your child.


If you have any questions regarding intensive therapy please do not hesitate in contacting us to schedule a FREE phone consultation.


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