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Parenting Transformation Journey

3 month parenting support package to help with acceptance, deeper understanding and connection

  • 1 h
  • Tree's Physiotherapy Clinic

Service Description

This is powerful program for those who are ready to see real change in themselves and their child's life. Who this if for: Parents or caregivers of a child with a disability. What your problem area is: Overwhelmed with the emotional rollercoaster and the practical and emotional demands on you. Feeling like you have to give up your dreams and ambitions to care for your child. Wanting to give your child the best supports so are constantly racing around to therapies or staying up late researching the latest treatment options with seemingly little progress or guilt at not being able to do it all. Craving a deeper understanding of your child’s feelings and desires. How I will help: Take time to work through feelings of grief, loss, anger, hopelessness and overwhelm that often come with having a child with a disability or medical diagnosis. Work together in regulating your nervous system to feel safe, calm and at peace with your situation. Teach you how to co-regulate with your child. Teach you how to connect deeply with your child and develop your intuition to discover the wealth of non-verbal communication available between you. Use this intuition to unpack priorities for your child’s care and therapy to create a clear path forward and reduce caregiver guilt and overwhelm. ​ This service will be offered online via zoom in six 1:1 sessions with support in between sessions, meditations and practises to support your integration of this work.

Cancellation Policy

Please note, this group is purchased as a block of 6 sessions. If you are unable to attend any sessions, you will still need to pay for the entire block.

Contact Details

  • 81 Brisbane St, Ipswich QLD, Australia

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